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The Inside
Look  2
Look  3
Look  4
Look  5
Ana & Emilie
Look  16
Caracoles & Raane
Look  11
Ella & Cocteau
Look  13
Marcia & Amada
Look  12
Mondrian & Amada


A new definition of sustainability

After many years in the fashion industry, the need to create a new consciousness and sensibility is ever stronger and urgent.
Sustainability in harmony with Price, Quality and Concept.
Transparency throughout all the stages from design through to the customer. Each garment has a QR code, generated and allocated, showing the customer traceability of origin and of the fabric plus which (natural based) accessories it contains and who has made it ‘#Imadeyourclothes’

Darling Pieces, which one can take out of their wardrobe year after year and restyle them differently – a new consciousness for quality and sustainability.

Fashion Being Back as a new creative Avant – Garde.
These are only some of the traditional overlooked values, that seem to be the modern way forward and of which Société Angelique is based on.

Look 14


Look 02


Look 09

Eden Knitjacket, Christie Top

Reflections on Utopia

Reflections… my first collection Torreros in Utopia was amazingly well received, I felt very appreciative and decided to work on reflection.
Watching the play ECTOPIA from Richard Siegal at the Wuppertaler Tanztheater, for which Anish Kapoor, a favorite artist of mine, has done the scenery, mesmerized me.

Anish Kapoor’s use of the mirror is at once personal and at the same time disorienting. We see ourselves in his work, but not as we have seen ourselves before. His work invites us to touch, to feel and to experience a different world, a world which is unique to us and simultaneously shared with those around us.

I would love the SOCIÉTÉ ANGELIQUE customer to experience that very same feeling, touching, and experiencing each of the pieces and being amazed by their uniqueness and by wearing them, experiencing a different self, sharing the visual treat with others around us. The prints are done by artist Marcel Lunkwitz @marcellunkwitz_official and are a reflection on the prints of the first season in a beautiful Man Ray sensibility.

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