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The Inside
Look  1
Marcia & Elian
Look  3
Guajiras & Nana
Look  18
Augustina & Gala
Look  24
Look  16
Efe & Elsa
Look  20
Look  7
Caya & Gabine
Look  2

#new consciousness

A new definition of sustainability

After many years in the fashion business I felt the need to create a new consciousness in the industry. SUSTAINABILITY in harmony between a good PRICE, QUALITY and CONCEPT. TRANSPARENCY throughout all the stages from design through to the customer. → Each garment will have a QR code generated and allocated, showing the customer where the garment is made, the origin of the fabric, and which (natural based) accessories it will contain. “#I made your clothes” DARLING PIECES, which one can take out of their wardrobe year after year and restyle them differently → a new consciousness for quality FASHION BEING BACK as a new creative Avantgarde. These are only some of the traditional, overlooked values, that seem to be the modern way forward Société Angelique is based on.

Look 20

Amicella Dress

Look 07

Caya Shirt, Gabine Trousers

Look 17

Nanas Blazer, Fabio Shirt

Summerspace - Torreros in Utopia

The search of being not at one‘s best but at one‘s most human

The Cunningham Documentary in 2019 has deeply influenced me and my creativity til today and will continue to influence my collections. Cunningham as a free spirit seems to reflect what I have always been searching for in fashion. Freedom of creativity, the search of being not at ones best, but at one‘s most human has been his foremost goal throughout his career. Creating my company in 2020 at a stage of being at my inner most and human self and towards the amazingly talented people I am working with, the base and the leading spirit was created naturally. The piece ‘Summerspace’ has especially intrigued me through its costumes and scenography. Almost like an impressionist painting, Rauschenberg designed an airy, dotted scenery, the costumes merging into the mood. Together with a former inspiration of Torrero jackets of the 18th century and the film ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Wong Kwar Wai, the first collection Summerspace — Torreros in Utopia found its way into my thoughts and drawings. The shape of the sleeves are inspired by the Torrero jackets, the prints, all patched together, created by artist Marcel Lunkwitz @marcellunkwitz_official and myself are transporting the spirit through the shape. My intention is to create modern, timeless volumes.

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